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Enjoy the most beautiful day of your life in the area of Polis, the place where Aphrodite-the Goddess of love and beauty used to meet Adonis, her lover, where natural beauty is exceptional, w here myths and legends are still alive.  

The smell of jasmine fills the air and the night cricket's song accompanies the clinking of champagne glasses. Plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, book the town hall or a chapel for your vows. Drink a toast to your future with one of the oldest wines in the world, part of a 4,000 year old tradition of winemaking on the island. Impress your guests with a lavish banquet of local dishes or international cuisine.

Polis, provides the perfect backdrop whether you’re committing for a lifetime or reaffirming your love. With its breathtaking sunsets, natural wilderness, sparkling blue seas and some of the most beautiful locations, Polis is sure to put a sizzle into your love life. 

Polis: Nature at its Best

Experience the meaning of real relaxation in Polis area, the least developed coastline of Cyprus. The Akamas National Park will appeal to nature lovers or those in search of peace and quiet. It is an area of exceptional beauty with rocky promontories, sandy coves and "The Baths of Aphrodite". This is where, according to mythology, the goddess Aphrodite frolicked with her lovers, bathing in a fresh-water grotto shaded by a wild fig tree.

Indulge in a peaceful rural life in harmony with nature in a region that is one of the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean.

Visit one of the last Mediterranean nesting grounds for the green loggerhead turtles, whose numbers have greatly been increased thanks to a successful conservation project on the sandy beaches of Lara. Follow one of the many beautiful nature trails and spot rare endemic plants, like the Cyprus orchid, tulip and crocus that grow there, or watch migrating birds fly by overhead.

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