Cyprus Doctors Volunteer Park

This is an excellent entertainment for children and this project fits within the overall efforts of the Municipality to upgrade its infrastructure and recreational areas of the Municipality of children and Polis region.

The history of the creation of the park "Volunteer Doctors Cyprus", starting from 1995 when the Polis Municipality, upon the recommendation of the "Doctors of the World", twinned with the Municipality TECLIC Bosnia. The then Polis Mayor, Mr. Averof Neophytou, in consultation with the Mayor of TECLIC, in an attempt to seal the close friendship that had developed Cypriots with the Bosniak people, especially after the voluntary humanitarian aid offered to Bosniaks, they decided to undertake the creation of a park in honor and appreciation to the Cypriots' Doctors of the World.

Subsequently, on November 29, 2009 a delegation of the Organization "Volunteer Doctors Cyprus - Doctors of the World", headed by the President of the organization, Dr. George Georgiou, handed to the municipality a check of € 17000, the amount for the contribution of the Organization in configuration park, while the rest of the project implementation cost is undertaken by the municipality. The total cost of the project amounts to € 40,000.

The project configuration was completed in 2011 by the Technical Services and the workforce of the municipality. Work among others relating to the construction of wooden fence on the south side of the piece, shaping and enriching the greenery of the park, creating sanitary, market and install games that adhere to European standards, as well as placing a special mat under the Games for child safety.