Goverment Departments

Polis Chrysochous Hospital

The hospital of Polis Chrysochous is found 1000 metres from the beach and has hypsometric, panoramic view.
Established since 2/2/1957 and serves the city and the region of Chrysochous.

Objectives and Aims:
1. Extensive cover of citizens and growth of promotion of health
2. Alleviation of illnesses and deaths
3. Prevention and treatment of contagious illnesses
4. Improuvement of hygenic conditions and behavor of population
5. Events for the protection of mother and child
6. Establishment of lectures to the public
7. Organisation of research and creation of protocols.

At the Hospital of Polis Chrysochous we practice daily General Medicine, Paediatric, Radiologist, Dentistry and Short Hospitalisation of patients (hospitalisation is maximum 1 day). The Urgent and Emergency Department is completely equipped, and has the services of ambulances equipped in cases of mass destruction.
Our pharmacy and laboratory operated daily as well.

Urgent and Emergency
Outpatients Dep.
Health Visitors

Tel: 26821800

Police Station

Tel: 26806280
Fax: 26323006

Fire Station

Tel: 26806230
Fax: 26321184

Citizen Service Center

Tel: 26821888

Public Employment Service – Local Labour Office

Tel: 26821841
Fax: 26821850

Social Insurance Office

Tel: 26321531
Fax: 26321723

Local Office of Vetenirary Services

Tel: 26815226
Fax: 26815229

Local Post Office

Tel: 26321539

Local Water Department

Tel: 26321214
Fax: 26321391