European Destinations of Excellence


After the acquisition of the European Energy Award - eea from our Municipality, the Gold Award for the Quality of the Coastline, and the accession in «The TOP 20 SUSTAINABLE DESTINATIONS» coastal destinations of quality in Europe, the Municipality has one more special element, the European Destination of Excellence Award on "Accessible Tourism" in Cyprus, in the framework of the European Programme of the European Destinations of Excellence-EDEN VI 2012 «Accessible Tourism".

The last few years, our Municipality has been making continuous efforts to be developed on an overall approach to accessibility for all visitors regardless of their physical condition, age or disability while improving the policies concerning the protection of the environment, the cultural heritage and the social structures of the region.

We show our respect to the environment and to the citizens. Among other things, we have installed an innovative system for access to the beach for people with disabilities which is electrified by photovoltaic. The policy is not the human power but the facilitation of the human weakness.