Market Place of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities

SMART ECO POLIS: City Council Announcement

Committed to the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and the EU Smart Cities and Communities Initiative (http://eu-smartcities.eu/), the Council of Polis Chrysochous is determined to transform the POLIS Region as a prototype model of integrated territorial sustainability, replicated and transferred to the entire island, Mediterranean regions and European cities and communities.

To create the model quality of life, the SMART ECO POLIS Strategy and Implementation Plan has been adopted, where our town and local communities are envisioned as livable and creative, intelligent and connected, vibrant and attractive, waste-zero and climate-resilient, or smart and sustainable places of the future and unique destination of excellence.

The Smart Polis Development Strategy/Plan is to be supervised and managed by the Smart Polis Advisory Council and the Smart Polis Management Committee.

The Integrated Action Plan involves the following projects, actions, measures:

·          Smart Polis Computing Center, Optical Transportation, Intelligent Telecommunications, Gigabyte Wi-Fi Networks, FTTH, Regional Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing & Ambient Intelligence

·          Smart Grid and RES Networks for electricity, heating and cooling

·          Energy-Efficient Districts, Streets and Buildings, Riverside Smart Eco-District, etc.

·          Smart renovation and retrofit of buildings, public and residential

·          Environmental and Climate Action Projects, Coastal Protection, Aqua Farms, Energy Farms

·          Green Roads and Sustainable Transportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems

·          Smart Environment, Waterworks, Solar Powered Seawater Desalination and Sewage Treatment Integrated System, Green Energy Plants, Waste  Management Advanced Facilities

·          Maritime Mobility: World-class Seaport, Smart Port Facilities and Ferry Services (Trans-European Transportation Networks)

·          Smart Governance, Safety and Security, Public and Social Services

·          Sustainable development projects, small  family eco hotels, smart development of eco-intelligent touristic infrastructure, world-class eco resort developments and “green” golf courses

·          Smart Community Projects, Intelligent Community Centers, Smart people and citizens, Assisted Living Smart Facilities, Multi-purpose Senior center

·          Smart Green Economy Projects, Sustainable Tourism, Infrastructure Medical Tourism, Eco Tourism, Maritime Tourism, i-Commerce and Smart Business, Eco-Industrial Clusters, etc.

·          Health and Education, Innovative Medical Center, Telecare and mHealth System, Smart Education Facilities, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, Smart Polis Innovation Center, Science, Technology & Arts Center, R&D Institutions, Health and Environment Center, Technical Education Schools, etc.

The Projects are to be financed by combining innovative financial tools and instruments: smart revenue bonds, the EU-funds, ESIF, Horizon 2020, European Investment Bank, as well as corporate and private investment.

Specifically, Smart Polis is to participate in the new highly prestigious integrated large-scale future development initiatives as the Horizon 2020 Lighthouse Smart Communities Projects completed with the LIFE IP Nature projects, EIB frame loans and the European Fund for Strategic Investments.

To promote “green and smart economy” and nature-wise tourism, eco-innovative communities and touristic resorts will be created as smart green property development models for the AEC industry in Europe and beyond.  

SMART AND SUSTAINABLE POLIS is to be run by its urban brains, an intelligent region governance platform, smartly managing its resources, assets, processes and systems: Land and Environment, Roads and Transportation, Energy networks and Utilities, ICT networks and fiber telecom infrastructure, Public and residential buildings, Natural Resources, Water and Waste, Social infrastructure, Health and safety, Education and culture, Public administration and services, Communities and Businesses.

Launched under the Smart Cities Global Initiative, the Smart Eco Polis Program is a key line of Policy & Regulations / Integrated planning Action Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (http://eu-smartcities.eu/commitment/3089) to build a dynamic market-place for smart city projects and solutions in Europe.

It is looking for the most ambitious Smart Green City strategy, the most advanced redevelopment projects and the most innovative solutions to regionally prove the Smart Eco City concept for its national scale-up and global replication.


For participating in the Smart Eco Polis Partnership and strategic investment proposals, apply to the Smart Polis Advisory Council:

Mayor, Giotis Papachristofi, Chair (+357 99627609)

25th March Str. POB 66019, 8830 Polis Chrysochous

tel.: +357 26 321 321; fax: +357 26 322 278

Email: polismunicipality@cytanet.com.cy

For professional suggestions and strategic cooperation proposals, apply to the Smart Polis Program Management

Dr Azamat Abdoullaev

Via the Website of the EU Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform or email: smartcity@cytanet.com.cy